Dear Guests!

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Starters & salads

In Café Bulgakov the secret of a good salad is simple. It has to be prepared of quality ingredients with a bit of raffinement. And that is how we do it for you.


In Café Bulgakov you can choose from different vegetable or meat soups or even bean soup with pork shanks, sour cabbage soup with smoked knuckle and smoked sausages.

Main Dishes

We invite you to a special gastronomic journey at Café Bulgakov! Here you will find the traditional cuisine of Transylvania. You can choose from over one hundred home specialities and special dishes!


"Sweet as a kiss" – We at Café Bulgakov know that a delicious, traditional dessert can change the way you look at things.

Bulgakov Literary Café and Culture Bistro

Café Bulgakov was opened at the time by favour of György Méhes’s son, the businessman Elek Nagy, and it was managed by Ferenc Kovács gastro-lover and the now retired János Dénes Orbán literateur and tavern-keeper. The establishment was sanctified on 12th July, 2012 by the lord of Hungarian poetry, Transylvania-lover György Faludy. Today, Café Bulgakov is one of the most popular literary cafés of Transylvania. Café Bulgakov is a special meeting point, where gastronomy, music and literature come upon. Café Bulgakov is a good place to be.


Café Bulgakov is always open for you for any event with its high-quality services. Our reward is the customer’s smile.